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Radboud University rules regarding internship abroad: exeption for Radboudumc students

students with internship plans abroad / studenten met stageplannen buitenland

Dear all,

as students of Radboud University who want to go abroad for your internship, you are bound by the rules as stipulated in "Coronavirus and your exchange" and "Travelling abroad safely".

Radboud University rules

In order to be allowed to start your internship you need to meet the following two requirements 2 months (EU location) or 3 months (non-EU location) before the start date of your internship abroad:

Radbouducm exeption to the rules

We are happy to announce that the Dean of our faculty has agreed to also approve internships that take place in regions that are code orange, if that code is based solely on travelrestrictions for people coming from the Netherlands.

However, if the code orange is (also) based on a higher risk of COVID-19, the Radboud University rules apply and you are not allowed to go abroad.

Grants (e.g. Erasmus+ & Individual Travel Grant)

Unfortunately, grants from Radboud University will not be paid until the country code turns yellow or green (and you have at leats 2 months of internship still to go), so financial implications need to be considered before leaving.


It is also important to check your health insurance for COVID-19 related circumstances: is the coverage still valid in case of code orange? Radboud University/Radboudumc will not cover your health insurance (this was also not the case in ‘normal’ situations). And also check your travel insurance for the same reason: will the cost of repatriation be covered if the code turns red, etc?

All the best,
Radboudumc International office for students

P.S.: Do you have questions about your specific internship abroad? Please contact us at