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Brexit and Erasmus+ update

students interested in study/internship in the UK

Brexit and Erasmus +

The update below has been received from the central international office of Radboud University about the news coverage surrounding Brexit and the Erasmus + program. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the RU's dedicated website for students who want to go to the UK.


There is a lack of clarity around Brexit and the decision of the United Kingdom (UK) to no longer participate in the next Erasmus + program. This is undoubtedly fueled by the misrepresentation in the news. Do not fear: in fact little is changing at the moment.

Scholarships for students

Students are still eligible for an Erasmus + grant for a study or internship in the academic year 2020/21, the academic year 2021/22 and at least part of the academic year 2022/23. This is laid down in an agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union, which is still active.

Although the UK has decided not to participate in the new program which will be introduced from this year onwards, they are still participating in the current program which will expire at the end of May 2023. Until that date, students are therefore still eligible for an Erasmus + grant.

In short: for the coming academic year (21/22) an Erasmus + grant for students to the UK is still possible.


The dedicated website for students who want to go to the UK, with all the current information about grants, visas, insurance, etc. will be updated in the coming days.