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Links to the information session Master BMS

Prospective BMS students (current 3rd year BMW and premaster students)

Dear students,

In case you do not intend to do the Master Biomedical Sciences (BMS) in the next academic year you can ignore this message.

Below you can find the virtual classroom links to the BMS information session (general presentation and walk-in sessions) of March 11. Please check the earlier announcement for more information about the content of the session.


General presentation (15:45 – 16:15):


Parallel walk-in sessions (16:30 – 17:30):


Consultancy profile:


Communication profile:


Specialisation clinical human movement sciences:


Specialisation health technology assessment:


Specialisation Immunology & Host Defense:


Specialisation medical Neurosience:


Specialisation drug safety and toxicology:


Specialisation molecular medicine:


Specialisation epidemiology: