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Announcement accreditation visit Research Master Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

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Every 6 years, the quality of all Dutch university education programmes is assessed by a panel of independent experts in the field. This assessment forms the basis for the accreditation by the NVAO (the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization). Without accreditation, a programme cannot exist because accreditation is a condition for government and student financing. This year it is the turn of the Research Master Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. 

The assessment is done by a panel consisting of (former) professors from the field, educationalists, people from the professional field and a student. For this evaluation, the programme management has written a self-evaluation report. The panel will conduct interviews with the programme management, the exam committee, and of course with the teachers, students, and alumni. These interviews are scheduled on December 3, 2021.

Part of the procedure is that everyone involved in the programme should get the opportunity to inform the panel in confidence about matters they consider important to the assessment. If you would have any issues you want to address (in confidence), you can contact Esther Poort of De Onderzoekerij by email: De Onderzoekerij will then inform you about the procedure.