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Research Integrity Round 1 December

Master BMS students

Dear BMS students,

During your Master's programme, you have to follow 3 Research Integrity Rounds (RIR). Information and subscription for these events:

The next integrity round will be held on 1 December 2021. Topic: The challenges of collaboration with profit and non-profit organisations. You can find more information about the content and how to subscribe in the link above.  

Research Integrity Round are interactive events organized at the Radboudumc to stimulate dialogue and debate about matters of research integrity. All members of the academic community, from student to PhD candidate to professor, are invited to join this exchange again.
Each year, at least 3 rounds will be organized. So you will have at least 6 opportunities during your Master to follow 3 rounds. We recommend not to postpone all these rounds to your second year because you may not always be able to attend a round while you are doing an internship.