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Research internship: building a user-driven pregnancy formulary (implementation science)
Charlotte Koldeweij

15-06-2022 19:09
Project: building a model-informed pregnancy formulary addressing user needs
Duration internship: 4-6 months (start date: July, August or September, start & end dates to be discussed)
Department: Pharmacology Toxicology, Radboudumc

Project description:
Given the routine exclusion of pregnant women from clinical studies, evidence-based dosing recommendations for pregnant women are currently lacking. Taking into account the physiological changes that affect women’s bodies during pregnancy, this may result in underdosing or overdosing with potential adverse effects for mother and child. To address this gap, we are working on the design and implementation of an international model-informed pregnancy formulary as part of a multidisciplinary project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our team combines expertise in physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modelling, placenta perfusion experiments and implementation science to carry out this innovative work. As part of the implementation arm of this project, we are conducting an international online survey among health care practitioners and pregnant women to understand their perceived barriers and facilitators for implementing a model-informed pregnancy formulary.

Your role as an intern:
Supporting the design and international dissemination of the online survey, and participating to the collection and analysis of the survey results.

Why you should apply:
You want to learn more about the methods used to bring biomedical innovations into practice and about the role of implementation science in that process. We are looking for an organized, detail-oriented and communicative Bachelors or Masters student with a good mastery of English.

Daily supervisor: Charlotte Koldeweij (MD, MSc), PhD candidate; PI: Prof. Saskia de Wildt (clinical pharmacologist and paediatric intensivist)

Contact: please send a short motivation email and your CV to