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Wetenschappelijke stage medische microbiologie en infectieziekten: Building evidence in the antibiotic treatment of Nocardia infections
Mischa Huson

19-06-2022 13:55
Nocardia is a gram positive bacillus that can affect any organ, predominantly lung, central nervous system, and skin. It is a rare but life-threatening infection that typically occurs in patients with cell-mediated immunosuppressive conditions. Treatment is challenging as there is very limited supporting scientific evidence and prolonged antibiotic therapy is required which is often complicated by side effects and interactions.

Study questions:
- How many patients with nocardia have been identified in Radboud UMC over the past 10 years?
- Which were the predominant Nocardia species?
- What was the antimicrobial susceptibility profile of identified Nocardia species?
- Which were the main sites of infection?
- Which were the most common underlying illnesses?
- Which treatment was given, and what was the duration of treatment?
- Were there any side effects or interactions? If yes, was a change in therapy needed to address these?
- What was the outcome of the patient?

What are we looking for?
An enthusiastic student with an interest in microbiology and clinical infectious diseases.

What do we offer?
- The opportunity to address a challenging and highly relevant clinical topic with a chance to publish
- Combined supervision by an internist-infectiologist and microbiologist
- Participation in weekly clinical microbiology and infectious diseases meetings

Practical information
- Duration: 12 weeks, 5 days per week (alternative timeframes can be discussed)
- Start date: to be discussed
- Location: Radboudumc

Tel: 06-29669350